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2632Re: [SOAP] Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite with autodispatch on perl 5.8.0

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  • Tim Jenness
    May 19, 2003
      On 19 May 2003, Mark Wilkinson wrote:

      > I think they should fix Perl to accomodate SOAP::Lite ;-)
      > Does anyone know when the next Perl 5.8 release is due? The autoload
      > problem is a well known bug in the last release, so I am hoping it is
      > dealt with in an upcoming patch.

      5.8.1 is imminent for some definition of imminent. It all depends on

      You can download a snapshot of 5.8.1-tobe if this is important to you.
      Note also that RedHat9 includes 5.8.0 + patches from 5.8.1 so might
      already have the bug fixed in it.

      Tim Jenness
      JAC software
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