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2631Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite with autodispatch on perl 5.8.0

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    May 19, 2003
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      Hi Alasdair,

      --- Alasdair Allan <aa@...> wrote:
      > You know, I think its anotehr case of having to "buy the book",
      > thinking
      > about it a bit more, I'm now fairly sure I came across this in
      > "Programming
      > Web Services with Perl" by Ray & Kulchenko, rather than the
      > SOAP::Lite docs themselves.
      It was included in the book after it was discovered by Pierre Denis
      (as far as I remember) and discussed on this list ;):


      > In fact, the lack of patches, bug fixes and new releases is
      > something thats starting to seriously worry me.
      Me too ;)

      > There isn't any (workable) alternative to SOAP::Lite using Perl and
      > its
      > lacking alot of features (e.g. literal document encoding, proper
      > MIME &
      > DIME support, "proper" WSDL deployment support) by default, and I
      > know
      > people who are starting to have interoperability issues with AXIS
      > (which
      > I guess has to be taken as the reference implementation for SOAP
      > these days).
      > A year is a heck of a long time without a new distribution for
      > something thats developing as fast as SOAP and web services.
      Tell me about that; I used to release one version a week. It's
      definitely not a lack of desire to change or improve things; it's
      rather BDUF (big design up-front) paralysis: I would like to come up
      with a solid architecture that would be able to handle
      literal/document encoding, pluggable headers, different
      de/serialization formats, have XML Schema support, work with sync and
      async calls and MIME/DIME packaging specifications, perform well, be
      configurable to handle large message, and tons of other things. Maybe
      I just want to much.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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