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2621Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite with autodispatch on perl 5.8.0

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  • Alasdair Allan
    May 19, 2003
      ed-soaplite@... wrote:
      > Alasdair Allan wrote:
      > > This is a known bug, +autodispatch doesn't work under Perl 5.8.0, its
      > > definately in the documentation somewhere although after a brief look
      > > through I can't find it right now...
      > Documented in the SOAP::Lite docs or Perl 5.8? I had this problem a month
      > or two ago, posted to this list and received no enlightenment. I would
      > be suprised if it's documented in the SOAP::Lite docs anywhere, since I
      > remember looking pretty hard at it...it definitely should be mentioned
      > in the SOAP::Lite docs if functionality doesn't work with the stable,
      > recommended release of Perl.

      You know, I think its anotehr case of having to "buy the book", thinking
      about it a bit more, I'm now fairly sure I came across this in "Programming
      Web Services with Perl" by Ray & Kulchenko, rather than the SOAP::Lite
      docs themselves.

      There hasn't been a new SOAP::Lite release since April last year, and I
      think Perl 5.7.3 was the current distribution back then...

      In fact, the lack of patches, bug fixes and new releases is something
      thats starting to seriously worry me.

      There isn't any (workable) alternative to SOAP::Lite using Perl and its
      lacking alot of features (e.g. literal document encoding, proper MIME &
      DIME support, "proper" WSDL deployment support) by default, and I know
      people who are starting to have interoperability issues with AXIS (which
      I guess has to be taken as the reference implementation for SOAP these

      A year is a heck of a long time without a new distribution for something
      thats developing as fast as SOAP and web services. Ho hum...

      Dr. A. Allan, School of Physics, University of Exeter
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