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2598Re: [soaplite] Re: valueof usage help needed

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  • Duncan Cameron
    May 7 12:22 PM
      On 2003-05-07 Alberto Accomazzi wrote:
      >> Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 04:47:59 -0000
      >> From: "Kamlesh" <kp52r11@...>
      >> Subject: valueof usage help needed
      >> I have this code.
      >> #!c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -w
      >> use SOAP::Lite;
      >> use Data::Dumper;
      >> my $soap = SOAP::Lite
      >> ->service
      >> ('http://hdwebqa/arsys/WSDL/SJCappServer/UserLoginName');
      >> my $som = $soap->OpGet(SOAP::Data->name("Request_ID"
      >> => '000000000000002'));
      >> print $som->valueof('//Envelope/Body/OpGetResponse/Full_Name') ;
      >> print $som->valueof('//Envelope/Body/OpGetResponse/Email_Address');
      >> I know my wsdl works.
      >> But I don't know how to get the response back. There are 2 values
      >> returned back but I can't figure out how to use it.
      >> I am getting this error:
      >> Can't call method "valueof" without a package or object reference at
      >> C:\DOCUME~1\kp52r11\LOCALS~1\Temp\dir138.tmp\r3.pl line 13.

      > From what I can tell if you give SOAP::Lite a WSDL file to instantiate
      >your SOAP object, it will deserialize the response into a hash (rather
      >than returning a SOAP::SOM object). My guess is that this is a
      >"feature" although it's not clear to me why things were done this way
      >and if there is any workaround. Among other things, this becomes a
      >problem if you want to check for a fault.
      >To see the contents of the returned value, I suggest you do this:
      >use Data::Dumper;
      >my $hash = $soap->OpGet(SOAP::Data->name("Request_ID" =>
      >print Data::Dumper->Dump([$hash]);

      As Alberto points out, when using service() SOAP::Lite returns the actual
      result, not a SOM object. The way to get hold of the SOM object when
      using a service is

      $som = $soap->call;
      # with no parameters call() returns the result of the last call

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