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2582Possible bug in SOAP::Lite

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  • Vishal Verma
    May 4, 2003
      Hi there,

      What follows is the description of what I think is a
      bug in SOAP::Lite. It's not a major bug, but may cause
      you a lot of grief, as it did to me.

      The function find_target() in Lite.pm, checks if the
      symbol table for a particular package exists or not,
      before it loads the module using a "require"
      statement. Now, the checking the existence of a symbol
      table is not a confirmatory test of whether a module
      has already been loaded or not. Consider the following
      package, for example:

      package A;

      # this sub never gets called
      sub never_call_me

      Let's suppose that the SOAP server has both packages A
      and B specified in dispatch_to list. Now if a request
      arrives for a function in package A, Perl will parse
      package A and when it parses sub "never_call_me", it
      will create the symbol table for B and an empty entry
      for B::foo. So at this point, the symbol table for B
      exists, but B hasn't been loaded. Now a request for
      "foo" in B arrives. It will error out saying "unable
      to find function foo in package B". The reason being
      that B was never loaded using a "require B" statement.

      The right way to check if a package has been loaded or
      not is to check if an entry for the module in %INC
      hash. But before you do that, you'll have to translate
      the colons in the module name to slashes. Here's the
      patch for the latest version 0.55. You should execute
      this patch in the SOAP-Lite-0.55 directory as
      patch -p0 < patchfile

      The contents of patchfile:

      --- lib/SOAP/Lite.pm Mon Apr 15 21:42:48 2002
      +++ lib/SOAP/Lite.pm Fri May 2 17:20:40 2003
      @@ -2116,7 +2116,9 @@

      no strict 'refs';
      - unless (defined %{"${class}::"}) {
      + my $class_inc_entry = $class;
      + $class_inc_entry =~ s#::#/#og;
      + unless (defined $INC{$class_inc_entry}) {
      # allow all for static and only specified path
      for dynamic bindings
      local @INC = (($static ? @INC : ()), grep {!ref
      && m![/\\.]!} $self->dispatch_to);
      eval 'local $^W; ' . "require $class";

      If you think I'm missing something, let me know. As
      such, I don't know about Perl that much.


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