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2579DOS attacks problem?

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  • pinchuk
    May 2, 2003

      I was writing a SOAP service using SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon. It
      works OK, but it is extremely "sensitive" to denial of service
      attacks -
      If I simply connect to the port of the daemon, send part of the
      request, and leave the client alive, the daemon will wait forever to
      the rest of the request, and of course meanwhile will not continue to
      accept other calls.

      Is there any way to set a timeout for this kind of daemon?

      I do not want to work with Apache or other http server, because of
      portability issues, and wrote myself a multiplexer that go between
      several daemons like the above. I guess I could implement timeout in
      my multiplexer, but I am curious to know if there is timeout in the
      SOAP::Lite daemon.

      Thanks a lot,