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2571Re: [soaplite] Re: grabbing bytelength?

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  • Randy J. Ray
    May 1 2:08 PM
      On 2003.05.01 09:17 Byrne Reese wrote:
      > Just out of curiousity, can you get this information from your
      > webserver access logs? The outgoing response byte size is usually
      > recorded there. Right?

      He could get it there, yes, but only after the fact.

      > Otherwise, I am not sure what to say. SOAP::Lite does not give you
      > access to the HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response objects directly. If
      > there is a way, it is through a hack.

      I wouldn't exactly call it a hack-- you can sub-class
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server and define your own response() method. This gets
      called when the server core is setting the HTTP::Response object to be
      returned to the client. The HTTP::Response object passed in is what the
      SOAP::Server core has prepared. You should be able to fetch the
      'Content-Length' header, or just length() on the content() method. Then pass
      the argument along to the super-class method with
      "$self->SUPER::response($arg)". Note that this method can be called with no
      argument, meaning that it is retrieving the response object. Then you'd just
      go straight to the SUPER::response.

      Not the be an obvious salesman, but I cover this in "Programming Web Services
      with Perl" :-). Not this exact detail, but the general concept of sub-classing
      the transport modules.

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