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2558Re: [soaplite] Problems with use

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  • Andre Bonhote
    Apr 29 6:30 AM
      Chris, SOAP::Lite-List

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 11:28:24AM +0100, chris@... wrote:

      [lots of helpful information about PerlRequire snipped]

      Thanks for your kind help. While typing a response with detailed
      information, I found the problem. And, as very often, it lies much
      closer than one might think.

      The solution was dead simple: rename my module. It was called
      "Image.pm", now it's different. Obviously Perl thought, Image::Magick
      should sit within the current directory, and, of course, it was not.

      It's all my fault, sorry again! But anyway, I learned a lot (and still
      do) reading this list.

      So, it works now, the next step will be to create a WSDL out of my
      module ... *oerks*

      Thanks again!



      Steinbach's Guideline for Systems Programming:
      Never test for an error condition you don't know how to handle.
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