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2526Re: [soaplite] using +trace option?

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Apr 15, 2003
      On 2003-04-16 sfsf999999 wrote:
      >I'm writing a simple client to access a SOAP service. I want to print
      >the SOAP XML messages as they are being sent and received. The
      >documentation seems to indicate that the +trace option is the way to
      >do this. However, I'm having a problem using the +trace option with
      >This is straight out of the perldoc:
      >use SOAP::Lite +trace =>
      > qw(method fault);
      The docs are wrong in this case of having more than one trace parameter
      The syntax is:
      use SOAP::Lite +trace => [ qw(method fault)];

      >Also, what is the significance of the '+' in "+fault"? Is it a
      >feature of the Perl language, or just something cute that SOAP::Lite
      >uses. I have never seen it before and it seems a bit bizarre.
      I think that it is an alternative to quoting the bare-word trace to
      avoid it being treated as a method call. Although it seems unnecessary
      with my version of Perl, Active State 5.6.1.

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