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2523SOAP::Header vs. SOAP::MIME

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  • tilmankoschnick
    Apr 15, 2003
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      Hallo everybody,

      I'm new to this list, as I am to SOAP::Lite, so I hope I'm not asking
      the obvious...

      I'm using SOAP::MIME for attachments, which works fine as long as I
      only use body elements. But I need to define header fields too (via
      SOAP::Header), and when I include these in the method call, my script
      fails with the following error:

      Undefined subroutine &SOAP::MIME::qualify called at
      /usr/local/share/perl/5.6.1/SOAP/MIME.pm line 419.

      Is there a way to have MIME and Header fields?

      Cheers, Til
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