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2518problems with dispatch_with and SOAPAction Header

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  • marceusx
    Apr 15, 2003

      I'm using SOAP::Lite 0.55 and I'm running into an issue with
      disatch_with and SOAPAction headers.

      On two of my systems I use dispatch_with() to direct specific URLs to
      the soap packages that they reflect for example:

      http://mysite.com/soap/login => My::SOAP::Login

      This works brilliantly and let's me use a standard mod_perl access
      handler to restrict access to different SOAP APIs depending upon user
      status (logged in/ not logged in). I love it.

      Now the complication.

      On one server we have to have a mod_proxy/mod_rewrite front end setup
      and the SOAP server sits behind the rewrite rules. URL based
      dispatching isn't happening properly (due to the rewrite rule setup)
      so I looked at the docs and saw that dispatch_with would fall back to
      SOAPAction dispatching. I noticed that the client wasn't posting the
      proper SOAPAction header and corrected it so I know that the
      SOAPAction header is pointing to the correct URL now ... but
      dispatching still fails. Specifically I get something like:

      Cannot find _soqSystem::SOAP::Login ...

      the dispatch_with for this should be

      http://mysite.com/_soqSystem/SOAP/Login => Soq::SOAP::Login

      the SOAPAction header is:

      SOAPAction: http://mysite.com/_soqSystem/SOAP/Login#doLogin

      so everythign looks like it's setup right, but dispatching is failing.

      any clue where to look next?