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2515Re: SOAP::Lite interoperability with .NET using hrefs

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  • Kevin M. Goess
    Apr 10, 2003
      On Thursday 10 April 2003 01:04 am, you wrote:
      > > Andy, can you share the secret with us? I'm trying to get
      > > through the same
      > > problem and it would be so helpful to see some source code.
      > I will certainly do my best. What exactly is the problem you're having?

      Passing a struct, one of whose members is an array, back and forth between
      SOAP::Lite and dotNet (a c# class in a dll). Something like this

      $d = { trkNum => "123",
      authCred => "fubar",
      charges => [2,6,9]

      Using Randy Ray's example
      (http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2003/03/26/perlanddotnet.html) of
      serialize_complex_type() I was able to send the struct back and forth using


      but that doesn't work for sending the array from dotNET to SOAP::Lite because
      the type information isn't included. Changing from 'Literal' to 'Encoded'
      gets the array from dotNet to SOAP::Lite just fine but then dotNet doesn't
      find any data in the response. My current hyposthesis is that I'm missing
      some type information in the SOAP::Lite response, but nothing I've tried has
      yielded good results and since my understanding of SOAP is still a little
      shallow I'm really just groping in the dark, so I thought if I had a working
      example I could work backwards from it.

      I really appreciate your offer of help. I can post as much source code or xml
      as you care to look at, or look at yours--what do you think would be most

      Kevin M. Goess
      Software Engineer
      Ensenda, Inc.
      (415) 247-6779
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