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2511Soaplite client installation for https using certificates

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  • Sadanand Kalasabail
    Apr 10, 2003
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      I am writing a client for a .Net based server running on https and
      using the wsdl generated in .Net.
      I am calling the service
      $s= SOAP::Lite
      -> service('https://netsoapserver.com.au/Soap/WSDL/SoapMS.WSDL');

      I keep getting the error
      Can't call method "name" on an undefined value
      at /usr/lib/perl/ ../Lite.pm line 2386.

      I can open the wsdl using the browser and look at it. When I try
      using a small VB test script on windows it works fine(proving the
      server is working)
      It doesn't get past the service line.

      If the modify the service to use http instead of https it goes ok but
      fails with no response.
      Unexpected Content-Type 'text/html' returned
      fair enought the wsdl is using a https in soap action I thought.

      Can some one throw some light on this. Is there a test https site
      where I can try it. I had been thru the cookbook and been searching
      the archives haven't found any information so far.
      I think there are lot of installations with https (ssl) soaplite
      clients, did any one face simillar problems.