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2509on_fault() problems

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  • Chris
    Apr 9, 2003
      I have the following simple little program, that works fine when the
      server is up. But if the server isn't valid, for instance if I change
      famerptserver to famerptserver2, it will die and not call the fault
      subroutine. I get the following output:
      Service description
      can't be loaded: 500 Can't connect to famerptserver2:8080 (Bad
      hostname 'famerptserverw2')

      Why isn't the fault handler being called? Any ideas? The worst
      part is that it basically kills the program. I could put in a die
      handler, but I really don't like doing that.


      By the way, it is SOAP-Lite 0.55.


      use SOAP::Lite;

      use strict;

      print SOAP::Lite
      -> on_fault(sub { my($soap, $res) = @_; print "I am in fault with
      $soap and $res\n";})
      -> ping();
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