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2504end character when talking to SOAP::Transport::TCP?

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  • shane hanna
    Apr 6 4:56 PM
      Just a short question regarding interaction with a SOAP::Lite TCP daemon,

      The problem is I've tried to write a TCP transport for php 'pears' SOAP
      classes so some of our legacy php scripts can talk to our perl backend.
      I can send the SOAP xml ok but the perl side (I'm monitoring the
      read/write with Hook::LexWrap) never sends/returns a response until (a)
      the socket is disconnected (b) the client script dies. Is there be some
      kind of end marker or something I should be sending? It just seems odd
      that no matter how I try to read from the socket the client hangs until

      I've been reading everything I can get my hands on but I just cant seem
      to nail it.

      I would be greatful for any light you guys may be able to shed on the