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2445Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite serializer error?

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  • simon.fairey@ft.com
    Mar 10, 2003
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      Thanks but the problem is (and I should have mentioned it) that I'm using Apache::SOAP so have no access to the SOAP object within my code as that's the beauty of the Apache::SOAP the server is automagically created with a few lines in the httpd.conf then my module is a simple Perl module with no knowledge of soap. I have found some info on the serializer and came up with the following:

      use SOAP::Lite;

      my $s = new SOAP::Lite;
      $s->typelookup->{longint} = [15, sub { $_[0] =~ /^[+-]?\d+$/ }, 'as_longint'];

      sub SOAP::Serializer::as_longerint {
        my $self = shift;
        my($value, $name, $type, $attr) = @_;
        if(length($value) > 8){
          return [$name, {'xsi:type' => 'xsd:string', %$attr}, $value];
          return [$name, {'xsi:type' => 'xsd:int', %$attr}, $value];

      But can't seem to wedge it into the Apache as I've no idea where to wedge it :-(


      Martin Hajduch <martin.hajduch@...>

      10/03/2003 12:00

              To:        soaplite@yahoogroups.com
              Subject:        Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite serializer error?

      >  or should the correct method be to override the method as and when
      > you need to and in which case how do I go about doing that other than
      > editing SOAP::Lite?

      use SOAP::Data instead of scalars (it is like an envelope for data,
      where you can say which type should be used, and also attributes, etc. -
      man SOAP::Lite for more details)

      for example:

      produces parameter with name 'arg', value $value and type xsd:string

      produces the same as above, but the type is xsd:int


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