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2438SOAP::Lite server and Java client

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  • Daryl Williams
    Mar 5, 2003

      i have a small SOAP::Lite server with one method (besides the constructor)
      that returns a reference to a list of hashes. this has worked fine with
      a perl
      client. i now need to service a java client. this is my first experience
      doing this and i am getting dizzy with all the research i have been doing.

      anyway to do this i have created wsdl and xsd files using WSDL::Generator
      and WSDL::Generator::Schema. i realize i will probably need ot tweak these
      files. i have also looked for wsdl java client software library and have
      or less settled on using apache's wsif infrastructure.

      my question to the group is, am i on the right track here and are there any
      examples of how to do this, i.e. get a java client to execute a SOAP::lite
      method that returns somthing like this:

      my $package = {
      'name' => $PACKAGE{'name'},
      'url' => $PACKAGE{'url'},
      'description' => $PACKAGE{'description'},

      push(@pkglist, $package);

      return $pkglist;

      your help is appreciated. regards,

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