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2434Re: [soaplite] Serializer question (prevent c-gensymNN node)

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  • Ajit Deshpande
    Mar 4, 2003
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      Forwarded for Duncan (with his permission) so that we have his response
      in the archives..

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      Subject: Re: [soaplite] Serializer question (prevent c-gensymNN node)
      To: Ajit Deshpande <ajit@...>

      --- Ajit Deshpande <ajit@...> wrote: >
      > Is there a way to not allow the serializer to add the
      > "c-gensumNN" top-level node while serializing a hash?
      > [..]

      What you are suggesting seems wrong. In your example you are asking for
      a hash to be serialised and that is why you get the outer element. If
      you want a number of individual arguments to be serialised then does
      something like this give you what you want (untested)?

      my $som = $service->myRequest(
      map {SOAP::Data->name($_, $args->{$_})} keys %$args

      Duncan Cameron

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