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2430WSDL generation

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  • mg8981b <mg8981b@american.edu>
    Mar 3, 2003
      Hey all,

      I've got several soap services running on a mod_perl enabled apache
      server now, and I'm trying to expose them to a ColdFusion developer
      here in the office. The problem is that CF uses Apache Soap (Axis)
      to access soap methods, and the only way it can access them is
      through wsdl files.

      I've messed around some with WSDL::Generator, and I've gotten it to
      work, but the CF/axis doesn't like the files it's generating. So now
      I'm trying to code them by hand using some The Mind Electric ones as
      templates. No luck so far. When trying to add the service in
      ColdFusion Administrator, it gives the error "Error creating web
      service. Please ensure that you have entered the correct url." Now,
      I can see it trying to get the file from the web server, and getting
      a 500 error from the web server. And before you say that it is a
      server configuration issue, I don't believe that it is. I believe
      that it is a parsing issue. I have been able to edit the file such
      that the CF Administrator can add it fine, but then can't make any
      successful method calls to the service("No such method" perl error,
      even though the perl client can see it just fine.).

      I'm looking for some examples of wsdl files that work with CF or axis
      clients that I can model my hand crafted ones off of. In particular,
      I need examples of passing strings when calling the method, and in
      the result.

      Much obliged,

      Michael Grinnell
      The American University
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