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2425RE: [soaplite] Persistent connection?

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  • Martin Hajduch
    Mar 2, 2003
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      > they can be polled, most frequently you want to push them in real
      > time. So in a way, i supposed i'm asking how to return multiple
      > responses, but it's an arbitrarily large never ending stream of
      > responses.

      you can create session-like object on the server side; each client would
      'register' which type of events/changes he is interested in receiving;
      then client would receive actual snapshot of the data and later client can
      poll for 'any change'
      server session object would monitor whether such change occurs, maintain a
      queue of untransmitted changes and send all of them as a response to the
      next poll from client

      i have used similar mechanism, works quite fine ...
      good thing is, that as soon as both server and clients are running, they
      can cope with network connection drop-out, reconnect later and get all
      untransmitted changes, etc ..

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