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2413OO call does not return SOAP::SOM object - Why?

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  • fallinj <fallinj@yahoo.com>
    Feb 25, 2003
      This PERL code works, in that is makes a valid SOAP request and gets
      back a valid SOAP response, however I can't seem to get at the data
      in the result object. For example, when I generate an Fault response
      on purpose and then attempt to call $som->fault I get an error that
      there is no method "fault" available.

      use SOAP::Lite;

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite

      my $som = $soap->getCodes(\SOAP::Data->value(
      => "10000007027"),
      ("userOperationalAccount" => "AirClic_US***"),
      => "Wombat Inc")
      => "dz1.bnVsbC4xNzQxMzEzLjAuNTE5Mzc2MTY4NzEwMjc5NA==")

      unless ($som->fault) {
      print $result->result());
      } else {
      print join ', ',

      I also tried to use SOAP::Lite->self->call (which the SOAP::Lite
      Cookbook said would return a SOM object for the last call) but I get
      an error that method "call" could not be called on undefined value.