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2399SOAP routing

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  • Rob Moser
    Feb 19, 2003
      One of the cleverer things about SOAP, in my opinion, is the built-in
      ability to do multi-stage processing of a request through the actor
      attribute (or, apparently, role in SOAP 1.2) of a Header element. For
      example, I'd like to allow SOAP GetData requests for info in my datastore,
      but I'd like to have them passed by way of an authentication server (to
      tell me whos asking) and a policy server (to tell me if they're allowed to
      have what they're asking for) on their way to the datastore. The protocol
      theoretically supports this, but how do you actually make it work?

      Something somewhere has to do the routing; has to know that things with a
      Header element of Password have to be passed first to the SOAP node that is
      my authentication server (or alternately, to any SOAP node with the role of
      "authenticator"... and then presumably know how to find those nodes.) How
      does this get done? If I have to hardwire it - send all GetData requests
      specificly to machine a (the authentication server), and have machine a
      specificly know that GetData requests go to machine b (the policy server)
      next - it seems to moot the whole point of the thing being flexible in the
      first place. Am I expecting too much? Or missing something?

      - rob.