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2372Envelope header parameters, how to simplify

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  • severanrault <severanrault@yahoo.fr>
    Feb 11, 2003
      I am building a MM7 client based on SOAP::lite, for
      those of you that dont know what is MM7, it is the
      protocol between a content provider and a MMSC (MMSC =
      SMSC in the MMS world... or so).

      Let me explain to you the background:
      MM7 define a "very specific" SOAP message and content
      is pass over using attachement and a multipart/mixed
      MIME message.

      (I will soon post a subject on how to retreive such
      attachment on the server side, if you are curious in
      the mean time message me)

      Well basically I am facing a JAVA SAX parser right now
      for my tests, and due to "the bug"(see the SOAP::Lite
      source for more info) the envelope header attributes
      are not recognise.

      Basically I am trying to simplify the header to :


      But I dont seam to be able to get ride of the ENV-ENC ect...
      any advise welcom......

      Just to let you know,I will release my mm7 API to all of you