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2348memory leak?

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  • msanesh <anesh@hotmail.com>
    Feb 6, 2003
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      I have seem the process size grow in perl when multiple soap
      operations. I thought this was my script, but I tried it with the
      google API as well.

      The code I have is

      for($i=0;$i<50;$i++) {
      # use GoogleSearch.wsdl file from Google developer's kit
      my $google = SOAP::Lite->service
      my $result = $google->doGoogleSearch(
      $key, $query, 0, 10, 'false', '', 'false', '', 'latin1', 'latin1');

      die $google->call->faultstring if $google->call->fault;
      print "About $result->{'estimatedTotalResultsCount'} results.\n";

      print $i."\n";

      The process size grows from about 6k to 8.5k

      I have perl version 5.6.1, soaplite version 0.55 running on Redhat
      Linux 7.2

      Am I doing something wrong?