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2330A User Group dedicated solely for SAN Developers

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  • bentechie2000 <bentechie2000@yahoo.co.uk>
    Jan 30, 2003

      We are proud to bring you the most comprehensive knowledge resource
      portal on SAN Technology, http://www.techieindex.com/SAN

      The ultimate tool for SAN Developers, the Techie SAN User Group
      portal brings together all SAN users under a common platform where
      one can share views, swap ideas, theories, and hold brainstorming
      sessions and above all, source any and all information within the SAN
      Technology World.

      Techie SAN User Group is also home to an impressive array of

      1. Novice User Section – For all novice users on SAN Tools and
      2. Discussion Forum – Visit the most talked about Technical
      Discussion Forum on all SAN related Topics
      3. Product Spotlight – A Page showcasing all details pertaining to
      the latest Product Release, such as its technical specifics, reviews
      etc… This Month's Product Spotlight highlights "Brocades' backup and
      4. Success Stories – Customer testimonials on SAN products
      5. Technical Literatures – This month, we feature the important
      benefits SAN solutions can bring to an enterprise in San Technology:
      Benefits and Applications

      For further queries or suggestions regarding the site, please do not
      hesitate to contact us at service@.... Looking forward
      to hearing from you soon.

      Best Regards,
      Administrator - Techie SAN User Group.

      N.B. - The Techie SAN User Group is a part of the Ultimate Knowledge
      Resource Portal for software tools and technology,