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2309client: slash problem in HTTP post

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  • starnuto_di_topo <starnuto_di_topo@yahoo
    Jan 29, 2003

      I'm using a SOAP::lite client to call a GLUE server.
      In the WSDL, it is pecified to connect to the service at :
      <soap:address location="" />

      If I don't use WSDL is send the message doing:
      my $service= SOAP::Lite
      -> proxy('')

      Calling the service, the first HTTP line sent by the client (both
      using WSDL or not) look like this:

      POST /abc HTTP/1.0

      and the server says that it cannot find the service, reporting a
      <faultstring> like:
      no service found with address /

      I think that the problem is in that slash ("/"): I sent the same
      message using telnet, changing the first line from
      POST /abc HTTP/1.0
      POST abc HTTP/1.0

      and it works.

      How can I tell SOAP::Lite not to generate that slash?