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217Re: Re: [soaplite] XML::Parser::Lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Apr 22, 2001

      Using XML::Parser::Lite with SOAP::Lite works fine with Perl 5.6. I
      was trying it with Perl 5.005 (by commenting out the version check)
      to see what didn't work, that's when I saw the use of '__PACKAGE__'.

      I had looked at the Shallow Parsing paper by my namesake Robert Cameron
      and had a go at turning it into a SAX parser but I wasn't aware of the
      regular expression extensions to execute code, so I was having to parse
      each tag as a second step. What you've done looks very good.

      Are you aware of any restrictions on what code can be executed from the
      regular expression (?{ code }) ? I've created a SAX adapter which takes
      the events fired by Parser::Lite and converts them to SAX events. It works
      with a simple SAX handler, but I get segment violations when I try it
      with XML::Handler::XMLWriter and XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter. For example,
      I wondered if it's valid to execute another regular expression from that

      Duncan Cameron

      On 2001-04-21 at 12:18:00, Paul Kulchenko <paulclinger@...> wrote concerning 'Re: [soaplite] XML::Parser::Lite':
      >Hi, Duncan!
      >You're absolutely right, it's not doing what I expected. This value
      >is not in use right now, but may be used in a future. I'll fix it.
      >Thank you.
      >btw, did you just looked into the source or tried to use it? Does it
      >work for you?
      >Best wishes, Paul.
      >--- Duncan Cameron <dcameron@...> wrote:
      >> Paul
      >> I've been looking at XML::Parser::Lite and wondered if the
      >> following is doing what you expect:
      >> Final(__PACKAGE__ => @_)
      >> This is passing the literal '__PACKAGE__' not the value of
      >> __PACKAGE__ as the => operator quotes the left-hand side.
      >> It doesn' matter as the called method doesn't need to use it.
      >> But maybe inthe future it might.
      >> Regards,
      >> Duncan Cameron
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