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2160SOAP::Lite over JMS

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  • tigerdarla
    Dec 6, 2002
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      Hello all,

      I have a JMS server running (Tibco JMS, with GLUE handling the SOAP)
      that I need to call from SOAP::Lite. I have it all set up on the
      Java/server end, but don't even know where to begin on the Perl/client
      side. I see that SOAP::Lite supports many transports, so I'm hoping I
      can leverage that somehow, although I realize I'll probably have to do
      a lot of work to get this going.

      If anyone could provide any pointers for how to get started or any
      other information I'd really appreciate it. I'm pretty new to Perl
      and very new to JMS, so this will definitely be a challenge...


      => Darla
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