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2159Re: SOAP::Lite on IIS returns double HTTP Status lines

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  • T Bryce Yehl
    Dec 6, 2002
      --- In soaplite@y..., Duncan Cameron <dcameron@b...> wrote:
      > # imitate nph- cgi for IIS (pointed by Murray Nesbitt)
      > my $status = defined($ENV{'SERVER_SOFTWARE'}) &&
      > ? $ENV{SERVER_PROTOCOL} || 'HTTP/1.0' : 'Status:';
      > Maybe you need to stop IIS generating the status line itself.
      > Or you can change this code to generate what you think you need.

      I dug into HTTP.pm last night and found that, for my server I just
      added a line underneath: $status = 'Status:';

      I'm not a Perl person, I'm just trying to interop with a Perl app that
      I'm running under IIS for development purposes. If someone wants to
      properly fix this, MS KB Q176113 seems to indicate that IIS 3+ does
      not use NPH unless the filename starts with nph-.


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