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2152COM Interface Problems with https protocol

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  • Ulrich Harttig
    Dec 1, 2002
      Hi all,

      I'm trying to use the SOAP::Lite COM Interface for calling a SOAP server from
      a VBA program under Win 2K (no Perl installed). After downloading and
      registration of the static COM Lite.dll, contacting a SOAP server using the
      HTTP protocol worked fine.
      But contacting a SOAP server using the HTTPS protocol leads to the error:
      "Can't locate Crypt/SSLeay/MainContext.pm in @INC (@INC ....)"
      Checking the @INC directories,I found a Crytp/SSLeay.dll that seems to
      indicate that the appropriate module is actually there and should have been
      Can someone point me to cause of the error message ?
      Judging from the documentation for the COM interface only the registration of
      the Lite.dll seems to be required. But wouldn't I need in addition the SSL
      libraries (openssl or similar) or does Win2K provides an implementation for
      these libs ?

      Thanks for your help

      Ulrich Harttig
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