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2144Cancel: proxy: transport protocol not specified

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  • Andersson, Kimmo
    Nov 27, 2002
      Hi !

      I sent Yesterday a message about a "proxy: transport protocol not specified"
      problem. Fortunately I am now able to cancel it, the problem is solved.

      I had a bug in my command which launches the Perl script (which sends the
      SOAP message). But if You look at the command which now works, that was
      quite understandable.

      perl -Mexhsoa_SOAPOperation -e
      'http://foo.foo.foo.24:4040/cgi-bin/EHHCGIGX.CGI', 30, 'alarmUploadRequest',
      'SOAP::Data-> value (\'107\') -> name (\'transferId\')', 'SOAP::Data-> value
      (\'1\') -> name (\'uploadType\')')";

      It took some time to get the quotes right...

      Best regards

      Kimmo Andersson

      Yomi Solutions Ltd E-mail: Kimmo.Andersson@....O
      Box 354, Piippukatu 11 Mobile: +358 50 384 3734
      FIN-40101 JYVÄSKYLÄ Fax : +358 14 240 4709FINLAND