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2140RE: [soaplite] module privacy

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  • Keanan Smith
    Nov 26, 2002
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      dispatch_to('Module') dispatches to the *entire* module (It has nothing
      whatsoever to do with the export list) if you want only certain functions to
      be accessible, you need to dispatch to those functions, you'd want to do
      *something like* (Although this wouldn't work for all cases)


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      From: Jason Yates [mailto:jaywhy2@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 12:14 PM
      To: 'soaplite@yahoogroups.com'
      Subject: [soaplite] module privacy

      In the simple example below, I import the CGI module but only the :html2
      export group. Then I use SOAP::Lite to dispatch the CGI module. The
      is SOAP::Lite dispatches every function inside CGI.pm, whether it's in the
      :html2 or not. How can I only dispatch the functions included in the :html2

      export group.

      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      use CGI qw(:html2);

      -> dispatch_to('CGI')
      -> handle;

      Jason Yates

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