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214Changing dispatch_to on the fly

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  • Michael Percy
    Apr 19, 2001
      Hello all,
      I am looking into exactly how to implement security within the framework of
      SOAP::Lite. One of my requirements is that I be able to restrict access to
      modules based on access lists maintained on my SOAP server. I am using a
      SOAP::Lite Daemon server, for reasons related to portability and ease of

      Does anyone know if there is a way to change the dispatch_to location on the
      fly? I was thinking that the Daemon server could be extended to first check
      an ACL and then build a list of static dispatch_to calls on the fly... but
      even then, would it be possible to change where dispatch_to points after the
      handle() method is called?

      I have a need to allow different people access to different services, with
      at least three levels of security (no access, read only, full access), and
      the more flexible the security the better. I have read some of the ideas in
      the soaplite guide, and I like them, but I have not settled on a design yet.
      And I believe building checks for those levels of security into each and
      every one of my classes would be hard to maintain and very error prone. Any
      suggestions/comments/ideas as to how I could implement this level of access
      management would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

      Michael Percy