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2053Re: [soaplite] Server-Side Resuest & Response Logging

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  • Ian Burrell
    Nov 12, 2002
      Josh Staiger wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am using a mod_perl based SOAP server.
      > I would like to be able to capture the raw XML of all
      > requests and responses sent to and from the server.
      > Is there an easy way to do this on the server-side?
      > I know how to do it with a SOAP client using +trace,
      > but can this be used with a SOAP server with
      > SOAP::Transport::HTTP? If so then how?
      > Right now my server code looks like this:

      The server-side doesn't use the transport trace. It is trivial to add
      it by modifying SOAP/Transport/HTTP.pm file. I added:


      to the top of SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server::handle, and


      to the end of make_response.

      - Ian
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