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2039Re: [soaplite] Re: Adding SOAP headers in a client

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Nov 11, 2002
      On 2002-11-12 Todd Ekenstam wrote:
      >--- In soaplite@y..., "Todd Ekenstam" <tekenstam@y...> wrote:


      >But now I can't seem to get the header back out on the server side.
      >the Quick Start example says to do something like this:
      > my $email = $checkAuthInfo->(pop->valueof('//authInfo'));
      >However, I get a fault "Can't locate object method "valueof" via
      >package "garbage" (perhaps you forgot to load "garbage"?"
      >The pop is getting the last parameter, not the header.
      Do you have a line like this?

      @TicketAuth::ISA = qw(SOAP::Server::Parameters);

      Duncan Cameron
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