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2022SOAP::Lite interoperability tests

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  • Martin McFly
    Nov 7, 2002
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      I successfully used Apache Axis to generate Java client code that
      correctly consumes the interoperability web service located at
      http://services.soaplite.com/interop2.wsdl. I specifically focused my
      efforts on getting Axis to successfully consume the echoStructArray

      I want to use Apache Axis to generate a Java client for a SOAP::Lite
      web service that I've written that returns a similar structure as
      echoStructArray, but I've run into some problems that I detailed on an
      Oct. 30th post.

      Would it be possible for the SOAP::Lite server code at
      http://services.soaplite.com/interop.cgi be posted here so that we can
      see an example of how to properly connect the WSDL files with the
      server code?


      Brook Heaton