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2018Confusing behavior

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  • simon.fairey@ft.com
    Nov 7, 2002


      I have a v.small test module but am getting odd behaviour, I'm using mod_soap with Apache. My little Demo.pm is:

      package Demo;

      sub hi {
        return "hello";

      sub bye {
        return "goodbye, cruel world";


      and my client is:


        use SOAP::Lite +autodispatch =>
          uri => 'Demo',
          proxy => 'https://user:pass@blah/mod_soap',
          on_fault => sub { my($soap, $res) = @_;
            die ref $res ? $res->faultdetail : $soap->transport->status, "\n";

        print hi()."\n";

      This all works fine until I add say a use DBI; in my Demo package and then it still runs but I get no output?

      Am I missing something fundamental here?


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