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2014Soap through IPC?

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  • Keanan Smith
    Nov 6, 2002
      So I had a funny notion, and I'm wondering how feasable it would be.

      I would like to create a forking application, in which the fork(s) talk to
      the parent, and vice versa, but I'd like to use SOAP as the messaging
      protocol, ie, I'd like child processess to be able to use SOAP to call
      functions in the parent, and possibly the reverse as well...

      So my question is, since for my application, the cheapest form of IPC is a
      pipe, is it possible to hook SOAP calls up to a File handle? Theoretically,
      I should be able to have soap process the request and feed the SOAP xml
      through a file handle, where my 'server' can read them out of it's end of
      the pipe and process the request, and pass the response back through it's
      pipe where the SOAP-Lite child can read the response, parse it, and feed the
      information back to the child program.

      I'm pretty sure I know how to take the input, (which I'm going to have to
      manage anway, because I doubt soap would automatically know when to finish
      reading the incoming stream) and parse it with SOAP, and take the generated
      response, and feed it back through my response stream.

      I'm just not sure how exactly to convince SOAP-lite, that it should talk to
      a file handle instead of to a URI, and for that matter listen (on a
      *different* stream, no less) to a file handle for it's response. I suspect
      I'm going to have to overload the transport method, but I'm lazy, so I'm
      asking here before I start mucking around with it.

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