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2001Re: [soaplite] dispatch_to problem

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  • John Ralston
    Oct 30, 2002
      Randy -

      I can't believe it <slap on forehead>! I totally missed what Paul was
      driving at. I said I was a Perl newbie. Bet you never could have guessed
      most of my work is VB on Windows.

      Much thanks to you and Paul. Works like a charm.


      At 04:32 PM 10/30/02 -0800, you wrote:
      >On 2002.10.30 16:19 John Ralston wrote:
      >># request dispatcher in /inetpub/wwwroot/cgi-bin
      >>#!perl -w
      >># echo.cgi
      >>use Echo;
      >>use Soap::Transport::HTTP;
      >As Paul pointed out, "Soap" should be "SOAP".
      >rjray@... http://www.rjray.org http://www.svsm.org
      >Any spammers auto-extracting addresses from this message will definitely want
      >to include uce@... and report@...
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