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  • ads0138
    Oct 15, 2002
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      --- In soaplite@y..., "KenWilner" <wilner@p...> wrote:
      > O.K. this worked great when using uri/proxy. However, it appears
      > be ignored when using the service method. Furthermore, eventhough
      > WSDL document that I set with the service method specifies XML
      > 2001, SOAP::Lite generates messages using messages using XMLSchema
      > 1999 regardless or whether or not I set XMLSchema as indicated
      > Any ideas who be greatly appreciated.

      Hello All,

      I'm replying to this several months after the original message for
      the benefit of anyone searching through the archives (as I was doing
      when I came upon Duncan Cameron's helpful response to the OP).

      To change schema using the service method, you can do something like
      the following (mostly copied from the examples in the t/ directory
      of the SOAP::Lite source):

      my $service = SOAP::Lite
      ->on_fault(sub {
      my $soap = shift;
      my $res = shift;
      ref $res or $soap = shift;
      ref $res ? warn(join "\n", "--- SOAP FAULT ---",
      $res->faultcode, $res->faultstring, '')
      : warn(join "\n", "--- TRANSPORT ERROR ---",
      $soap->transport->status, '');
      return new SOAP::SOM;
      }) or die "Cannot create service. $!";

      The real key is the xmlschema() method, of course.

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