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1903SOAP and SSL Client Certificates

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  • simon.fairey@ft.com
    Oct 7, 2002


      I'm going to be providing some simple functions to a client via an Apache mod_soap setup. There is also a requirement to use client side certificates. Now I think I have my server set up correctly and when I try to acces (using SOAP::Lite) a simple hello msg via https it seems to work fine with no demands for a client side certificate?

      Assuming my apache is set up properly then my question would be how do you tell your SOAP client perl script what certificate to use when accessing an SSL enabled service?

      I'm assuming I'm not barking up the wrong tree, I have the Programming Web Services with SOAP book and am working through it but have yet to find much info on SOAP and SSL. Should I be using something like SAML, briefly skimmed it in the book and now think I might go back and read it in more detail!!



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