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1872Changing endpoint from a full wsdl file

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  • Weidong Wang
    Sep 27, 2002
      I need to write client code that uses a wsdl file to start talking to a server. The response from the server will carry new post URI for the next call to post to. For example, the WSDL gives the following endpoint:
      and the response contains a link http://temp.org/soap/accounts and this is the URI I need to post to.
      Looking through the old archive, I found a response from Paul a while ago after doing such change for tModel WSDL file, and the saying that it is hard to do it for the full WSDL where the service endpoint is specified already.
      I tried to use proxy() to set it, it does not work. How can this be done?
      Here is a breif of my code:
      $soap = SOAP::Lite->serivice($wsdlfile);
      $result = $soap->Func(); // first call
      # parse the result to get the new URI
      $result = $soap->Func(); // 2nd call
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