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187Re: Hi / New / OO interface from COM

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  • vaibhav_arya@yahoo.com
    Apr 10 10:57 PM
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      Thanks for your message, will try and keep you updated!

      My understanding is that the problem in the COM-OO interface is that
      VB requires to have an object interface defined before you can
      instantiate the same. Here the oject of type temprature is not pre-
      defined for the VB world so the code (which I was trying, earlier):

      Dim a as Temperature
      Set a = SoapObject.new("35")

      Will not work because VB does not recognise the object Temperature

      Is my understanding correct?

      MS SOAP Toolkit offers some sort of a TypeMapper together with their
      WSML, does anyone have any idea about that?

      Thanks again Paul


      Vaibhav Arya
      Mega E-Services
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