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1866Re: [soaplite] Adding methods on the client side?

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  • Chris
    Sep 24, 2002
      Well you can move this to compile time by wrapping it into a BEGIN
      block ...

      but I think traditionally you would use a wrapper object
      that dispatches some of it's methods to the SOAP handler and handles the
      business logic locally.

      > O.K., I don't know if this is considered Horribly Bad Practice, but...
      > I'm working on some classes where I want some of the methods (maybe
      > just new) to run on a server via SOAP, but I want others (say, the
      > business logic) to be defined and run on the client side.
      > One way to achieve this is to cram subroutine references into the
      > object's namespace at run time:
      > Class::method_name = sub { "..." };
      > I'm wondering whether anyone else has felt this need, and whether
      > they've come up with some more elegant way of doing it. I'd also be
      > interested to hear overall critiques: Does this seem like a reasonable
      > thing to do? Am I violating some design rule of SOAP in even thinking
      > about it?

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