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1857Re: [soaplite] Attribute for header

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  • Randy J. Ray
    Sep 19, 2002
      On 2002.09.19 06:50 hmenon_1999 wrote:

      > I am using SOAP::Lite to connect to a client that requires me to
      > first create a session and then use a session ID as part of the
      > header (But please take a look below)
      > The envelope needs to be like:
      > <SOAP-ENV:Header sessionid="2323.1223">
      > </SOAP-ENV:Header>
      > <SOAP-ENV:Body>
      > ....
      > ....
      > </SOAP-ENV:Body>
      > As shown above the sessionid is not a seperate header element, but an
      > attribute to the SOAP-ENV:Header element.

      This actually goes against the SOAP specification. The writers of the server
      should be taken to task for this, and required to implement this as a header
      child-element. A strict validating parser will not accept this attribute for

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