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1855php associated array and perl soaplite hash

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  • John Liu
    Sep 19 7:56 AM
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      I did a test,the php soap server returns
      associated array in the form -
      $res[$i] = array ( 'elem1' => $arr[0],
      'elem2' => $arr[1],
      'elem3' => $arr[2],
      'elem4' => $arr[3]);

      the WSDL file is similar to GoogleSearch.wsdl,
      I tried to use soaplite to do the following
      call -
      my $result= SOAP::Lite
      -> service('http://services/mkbt.wsdl');
      -> myCall($sec, '123', 'johnl');

      if(defined($result->{resultElements})) {
      print join "\n",
      $result->{resultElements}->[0]->{elem2} . "\n"

      The error msg - Can't coerce array into hash.

      A year ago, I can't figure this out.
      Is any body find a way now to handle this?


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