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184Re: [soaplite] Hi / New / OO interface from COM

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Apr 10, 2001
      Hi, Vaibhav!

      Yes, Perl autoload magic is not available from COM interface (though
      I'll need to do some tests, maybe it's something that could be worked
      out). Meantime, you may make OO call using usual syntax:

      use SOAP::Lite;

      my $soap = new SOAP::Lite
      uri => 'http://www.soaplite.com/Temperatures',
      proxy => 'http://services.soaplite.com/temper.cgi';

      my $temperatures = $soap->call('new', 35)->result; # get object
      print $soap->as_celsius($temperatures)->result; # invoke method

      Object goes as the first parameter during OO call:

      is (almost) the same as
      class::method($object, @parameters)

      where class is the class where object belongs.

      Though this code could be easily mapped to VB code (use examples in
      COM directory), I'm not sure that COM interface will store
      $temperatures variable as an object. I'll try in a couple of hours.

      Best wishes, Paul.

      --- vaibhav_arya@... wrote:
      > Hi:
      > I am trying to develop a Web Service that will also be accessible
      > by
      > VB clients on their desktops, I have the server and some clients
      > running perl (Soap::Lite of course) and now I am trying to develop
      > the VB client but am not able to use the same Object Oriented
      > access
      > as I would from Perl.
      > For example (from the Soap::Lite page):
      > Perl code in OO style:
      > use SOAP::Lite +autodispatch =>
      > uri => 'http://www.soaplite.com/Temperatures',
      > proxy => 'http://services.soaplite.com/temper.cgi';
      > my $temperatures = Temperatures->new(32); # get object
      > print $temperatures->as_celsius; # invoke method
      > I want to write an equivalent in Visual Basic. (The VB example on
      > the
      > Soap::Lite page doesnt help much)
      > Can anyone help?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Vaibhav.
      > --
      > Vaibhav Arya
      > Mega E-Services
      > www.megaeservices.com
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