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1836Re: [soaplite] Does SOAP::Lite support DBI::mysql?

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Sep 15, 2002
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      On 2002-09-15 Duncan Cameron wrote:
      >On 2002-09-15 shihewang wrote:
      >>This is second time post the question- Does SOAP::Lie support
      >>DBI::mysql? I really care it. If anybody has the answer, please let
      >>me know.
      >Can you run a SOAP::Lite daemon instead of a CGI? That will allow
      >you to run it under debug and may help to see what's going on.
      I should have added, given that it's not doing what you expect,
      your code should be a bit more defensive, e.g.:

      use SOAP::Lite;
      my $soap=SOAP::Lite
      ->proxy( 'http://www.dept.univ.edu/~mylogin/cgi-bin/mysoap.cgi')
      my $som = $soap->search_db();
      die $soap->transport->status unless defined $som;

      if (defined $som->result) {
      print "result: ", $som->result, "\n";
      } else {
      my $faultcode = $som->faultcode;
      my $faultstring = $som->faultstring;
      my $detail = $som->faultdetail;
      # do something with $faultcode

      Duncan Cameron
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