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1835Re: [soaplite] does soaplite support dbi-mysql?

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  • rjray@blackperl.com
    Sep 15, 2002
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      SOAP::Lite does not "support" MySQL in the sense that there are any classes
      specifically designed for using MySQL. But that isn't the point; SOAP::Lite is
      designed to handle the SOAP-level elements of your application, while you use
      something like DBI+DBD::MySQL for the database layer. So yes, it is possible
      to use the two in tandem, but there is no SOAP::Lite-level support, anymore
      than there is for Oracle or Sybase or any other specific RDBMS.

      As to your example code, that is a puzzler. I agree with Duncan that you
      should consider changing "CGI" to "Daemon" in the creation of the server
      object, then you can run the server as a stand-alone script and add debugging.

      (You can also add debugging on-the-fly by using the -M switch to Perl:

      perl -MSOAP::Lite=trace mysoap.cgi

      perl -MSOAP::Lite=trace test1.pl

      This will enable the full tracing hooks, see the "SOAP::Trace" section in the
      manual page for SOAP::Lite to see the different options you can use.)

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      Campbell, CA rjray@...
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