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  • Chad Simmons
    Sep 12, 2002
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      Ok, I've managed to write a few client scripts with SOAP::Lite for
      various services described at services.xmethods.net . However, I'm
      still having some difficulty reading the service specs and converting
      them into working SOAP::Lite calls. Most of the services I have
      problems figuring out are the ones listed as being of type DOC
      instead of RPC.. I'm not entirely sure what that means.. but is there
      some other way I need to be building the SOAP::Lite object or
      function perameters?? As an example I'm looking at the 'Periodic
      Table' service at


      And when I make a call to GetAtoms I'm getting back one large xml
      type document rather than an array of hash references (which is what
      I would expect..) Am I just expecting too much? Anyone care to
      enlighten me?

      Thanks again,
      Chad Simmons